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中國林業科學先驅——凌道揚 A Pioneer of Forestry Science in China – Lin Daoyang

「崇高惟博愛 本天地立心 無間東西 溝通學術
  基礎在育才 當海山勝境 有懷胞與 陶鑄人羣」





In August, the former residence of Dr. Lin Daoyang, one of the founding fathers of CUHK, has been repaired and opened by the local government of Longgang District of Shenzhen. A photo exhibition of "A Pioneer of Forestry Science in China – Lin Daoyang" was also set up to introduce Dr. Lin and his notable contributions to China. Nowadays CUHK people may have little or no idea about Dr. Lin, but they are probably familiar with his calligraphy – the famous Chung Chi College couplet, which erected at the College entrance on Tai Po Road as well as the University Station.

In 1950s Dr. Lin (then the President of Chung Chi College) applied to the Government for the land adjoining Chung Chi campus for afforestation, and the granted land later became the foundation of CUHK campus.

Dr. Lin Daoyang was born in Buji Village, Xin’an County (now Longgang District, Shenzhen), Guangdong Province in 1888. He grew up in a Christian family that both his grandfather and father were priests. In 1909, Dr. Lin graduated with a BA degree from Saint John's University, Shanghai and was employed by the Qing Government as English teacher of Baqi School. In the following year, Dr. Lin accompanied with two Manchurian nobles to study at the University of Massachusetts, U.S., and later he entered Yale University and earned a master’s degree of Forestry in 1914. He was the first Chinese obtaining such a professional degree.

Dr. Lin felt that the weakness of China was a result of its poor condition of forestry resource, so when he came back to China he dedicated to research and promotion of Forestry Science. He found "China Arbor Day" in 1915 and "China Forestry Society" in 1917. Dr. Ling has participated in writing agriculture and forestry part of Sun Yat-sen's Plan for National Reconstruction and the Three Principles of the People, drafting of forest law for Li Yuanhong, the president of the Republic of China, as well as the conservation of the upper course of the Yellow River and the construction planning of Northwest China.

In 1940s, Dr. Ling came to Hong Kong and become one of the founding fathers of Chung Chi College. He was the President of Chung Chi from 1955 and 1960. During this period, Chung Chi, New Asia and United College formed “the Chinese Colleges Joint Council” (1957) to strive for degree-awarding status for the three colleges and establishment of a new university using Chinese as the medium of instruction. As a forestry expert Dr. Lin had also put a lot of effort into Chung Chi’s campus planning. From 1960 to 1963 Dr. Lin became the President of United College and retired after the establishment of CUHK. Dr. Lin passed away in U.S. on 20 August 1993 at the age of 104.

延伸閲讀 Further Readings:

凌道揚博士 (1888-1993)
Dr. Lin Daoyang (1888-1993)

凌道揚博士《森林學大意》書影 (1916)
Book Cover of Dr. Lin Daoyang’s An Introduction of Forestry (1916)

1950年代,凌道揚博士向政府申請山地造林,港督以凌博士為林業專家,特別以300英畝地(十倍於崇基校園)租予崇基,成爲崇基的造林區,亦成就了日後中大校園的宏大規模 (圖片來源:崇基學院)
In 1950s, because of Dr. Lin Daoyang’s expertise, a 300-acre land (10 times size of Chung Chi campus) was rent to Chung Chi College for afforestation. This piece of land later became the foundation of CUHK campus. (Source: Chung Chi College)

凌道揚博士在崇基山頭除草植樹 (1958) (圖片來源:崇基學院)
Dr. Lin Daoyang (left) planting trees at hilltop of Chung Chi Campus (1958) (Source: Chung Chi College)

馬料水火車站 (1950年代) ——前排握拐杖者為凌道揚博士。馬料水車站在1967年1月1日改稱大學站。
Ma Liu Shui Station (1950s) ——the person with a cane in the front row is Dr. Lin Daoyang. Ma Liu Shui Station was renamed University Station from 1 January 1967.

大學鐵路站旁凌道揚博士所題崇基學院校聯 (1959)
Chung Chi College couplet at the University Station, written by Dr. Lin Daoyang (1959)


深圳市龍崗區布吉「中國近代林業科學先驅——凌道揚」圖片展 (2017)
The Photo Exhibition "A Pioneer of Forestry Science in China – Lin Daoyang", Buji, Longgang District, Shenzhen (2017)